Carnival Cruise Line


Cruise expert, Aaron Saunders, once stated that “Carnival (cruise line) is unique in that it does one thing, and does it well: it caters to cruisers of all ages, demographics, and walks of life.  It doesn’t try to be anything that it isn’t.  It doesn’t offer a two-tier accommodations system, where some guests are treated to excellent service while others aren’t.  Its’ ships are well-run, its’ crews are friendly and the entire experience provides great value for (the) money”.

Carnival Cruise Line, which began in 1972, is dubbed as “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line”.  With 26 ships currently, approximately 5 million people enjoy a cruise vacation onboard a Carnival cruise ship every year.  Carnival has home ports throughout the United States’ coastlines, and a huge variety of multi-day cruise itineraries for guests to enjoy, as well as cruise locations in other parts of the world, too.

The distinctive ships are easily recognized with the prominent red, white, and blue funnel that tops every ship.  The largest Carnival ship is set to make its’ debut later this year, in November, 2020.  It is going to be the first cruise ship that offers guests a ride on an at-sea roller coaster.  The roller coaster is going to be called The Bolt Ultimate Sea Coaster and is expected to reach maximum speeds of 40 miles per hour.  Talk about a whirlwind ride on top of an already tall cruise ship!

The Carnival Cruise Line has developed a reputation among consumers for being “the fun ship”.  If you are looking for a cruise vacation with plenty of opportunities for fun, around the clock, then a Carnival cruise may be the best option for you.  Carnival has many different itineraries to choose from, and with vacations lasting approximately 3-16 days, consumers can usually find a trip that suits their particular destination preference, their time constraints, and their own budget.  However, some guests may not enjoy the round-the-clock party atmosphere, and may decide to investigate some other cruise lines that are available, for their next vacation.

Guests on a Carnival ship in the Bahamas may spend a day at Half Moon Cay, which is a private island operated by the Carnival Corporation.  Also known as Little San Salvador Island, Half Moon Cay offers vacationers a beautiful beach, a relaxing island atmosphere, and plenty of beach-themed daily activities.

Carnival cruises have interesting activities for people of all ages.  For the little ones, there are plenty of child-focused play areas, organized programs, and interactive shows that are entertaining for young, growing minds.  Older guests will enjoy a plethora of other activities, such as; onboard sports facilities, water slides and swimming pools, movie theaters, shopping destinations, live performance shows, and plenty of dining options, both casual and fine dining.

If you are considering a cruise vacation in the near future, then you may want to check out some of the many options that the Carnival Cruise Line has to offer.  With many locations around the United States, and throughout the world, you are likely to find a ship and an itinerary that please you and piques your interest.

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Holland America

Cruise Critic’s 2019 Cruiser’s Choice Destination Award was given to the Holland America cruise line, as the top pick for distinctive destinations, such as; Alaska, the Mexican Riviera, the Panama Canal, and Central America locations.  Holland America, which is one of the oldest cruise lines, prides themselves on offering comfortable cruise ships, elegant surroundings, and personal attention to travelers.

If you are interested in traveling on a Holland America cruise ship, then you have 14 vessels from which to choose, currently.  The largest Holland America ships fall into the Pinnacle class, and are the sister ships, known as Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam.  Both of these ships carry approximately 2,650 passengers, along with about 1,035 crew members.

While onboard a Holland America cruise ship, you can expect to be treated kindly, personally, and with great attention to the fine details.  Guests can enjoy fine dining opportunities, wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, spa facilities, fully-equipped fitness centers, live music and delightful live performances, and so much more.  Holland America is well-known for having spacious suites and staterooms, so guests have plenty of room for comfort and relaxation within their own space.

Most Holland America ships tend to cater to an older population; however, programs for children and the young-at-heart are definitely available while onboard.  If you are searching for a cruise experience that is party-like, festive, and with excessively stimulating activities, then you may wish to look into other cruise lines.

The Holland America cruise line, which is owned by the Carnival Corporation and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, offers travelers who are interested in exotic destinations and hard to reach places, a chance to see things that they may not see on other cruises.  They offer itineraries that include the Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, Europe, the Panama Canal, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Amazon, and Antarctica.  Consumers can easily find a cruise ship, a destination, and an itinerary that matches their own personal wishes, when they visit Holland America online or a professional cruise planner.

For Holland America guests who are traveling in the Caribbean, one of your stops may include a one-day stay at Half Moon Cay, which is Holland America’s personal beach destination.  Also known as Little San Salvador Island, Half Moon Cay offers cruise ship guests an opportunity to explore the private island, take a hike into the beautiful terrain, snorkel in the clear waters, shop in the market stores, play beach games, and some guests have even been known to get married while at Half Moon Cay.  A full day’s worth of activities, and relaxation, awaits cruise ship travelers who disembark at this unique destination.

Considered by many to be one of the leaders among favorite cruise lines, Holland America offers travelers an opportunity to explore new regions in elegance, refinery, and onboard one of the company’s classic, and beautiful, ships.  If exquisite foods, comfortable surroundings, personal attention, and traveling in style are some of the characteristics that appeal to you, as a cruise traveler, then, by all means, consider Holland America as one of your top cruise line choices.

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Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line is relatively new when compared to other cruise line companies, but they surely have a promising future and plenty of room for growth.  Incorporated in 1996, Disney Cruise Line (DCL) currently has 4 cruise ships, with 3 more under developed.  They also have developed their own Disney Cruise Line Terminal, which is located in Port Canaveral, Florida, as well as acquired and developed their own private island, which is called Castaway Cay.  As with most things associated with Disney, the quality is top-notch and everyone of every age can find things of interest and appreciation.

Disney Cruise Line consists of 4 ships, called; Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream, and Disney Fantasy.  The Dream and the Fantasy are larger ships and carry a maximum of 4,000 passengers.  Both ships have an original water coaster around the perimeter of the ship, where guests can ride the water coaster that, at one point, hangs over the edge of the ship.

Disney also has a fleet of Disney Cruise Line buses that carry passengers to and from the Disney Cruise Line Terminal, either from the Orlando airport, or from the Disney World Parks.  If you are using your own car for transportation, then you will want to allow plenty of time to arrive at the Disney Cruise Line Terminal, park, and get inside the terminal in order to retrieve your cruise line tickets and information.  On the rare chance that you experience automobile troubles, then please contact Orlando Towing & Recovery for quick service, as we work diligently and efficiently, in order to get you to the cruise terminal with plenty of time to spare.  We know that a Disney cruise is an exciting time for you, and we will do everything that we can to get you to your vacation destination.

While on a Disney Cruise Line ship, there are many things for you to enjoy.  Some of the activities include; swimming pools, water slides, children’s programs for babies, toddlers, young children, tweens, and teens, a beautiful and relaxing spa, multiple dining options, a movie theater, live entertainment, shops, and so much more!  People of all ages will find pleasing, engaging things to do, and can create fond memories that will last forever.

Although the Disney Cruise Line offers itineraries around the world, those guests who are on ships in the Bahamas will be able to enjoy the beautiful Castaway Cay, which is Disney’s own private island.  While on Castaway Cay, guests can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, parasailing, biking, hiking, shopping, eating, and so much more!  An annual 5K run is even held on the island, for those guests that wish to schedule their cruise for that adventure.  Castaway Cay is a beautiful, unforgettable island that is maintained splendidly by the Disney Cruise Line.

As one might imagine, Disney Cruise Line is appropriate for families and guests of all ages.  However, if you are a vacationer who is interested in a party-like cruise experience, or a more mature, quiet experience, then you might wish to look into other cruise lines.  If you decide to go with a Disney cruise, then may all of your cruise wishes come true!

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Holland America Cruise Lines

When it comes to the cruise industry, Holland America Line is widely recognized as a leader. The company consists has a fleet of 14 ships that offers more than 500 cruises to 425 ports of call in 98 countries. While working in a roof replacement company in Orlando, we enjoyed a lot of getaway cruises mostly every other weekend.

Holland America Line

Founded in 1873, Holland America Line offers a warm balance between a formal and relaxed ambiance in their mid-sized ships. They have a long history of transportation and shipping that has developed their above-board reputation in the cruising industry. You can be sure to expect every aspect of your vacation to be spectacular. The company’s signature in excellence means there are constant improvements and updates to ships to create an exciting onboard experience.

Carefully crafted journeys

There carefully crafted journeys are balanced, deep and full of authenticity. These, among others, are the elements that bring more than 500 itineraries, stopping in 100 countries all over the world. Their Exploration Central program adds meaning and context to make your journeys an even richer experience. Guests are always introduced to new places and new cultures and build connections and foster an appreciation of shared humanity.

Bucket List Alaskan Cruise

In 146 years, Holland America has cared for more than 11 million passengers with exotic journeys all around the world. It offers voyages to the tropics, while also visiting historical and culturally inclusive corners all over the globe. One of the most significant additions and improvements is the sea and land journeys offered in Alaska. The bucket list destinations of Dawson City, Fairbanks and the Yukon have been added to the Alsakan Cruise, to make it a fine resort and cruise experience in Alaska.

Spacious mid-sized ships

Holland America holds to the priceless elegance of ocean travel. Just as you set foot on board to one of their spacious mid-sized ships, you will without a doubt feel the difference. There are classic nautical lines with beautiful appointments that are coupled with warm and hospitable services.


When you step onboard the beautifully appointed mid-sized ships, there is a wide array of engaging opportunities, entertainment, exploration and relaxation. There is so much you can see onboard such as attending an engaging lecture, going to wine tasting or simply relaxing and unwinding. Exploration central offer local insights centered on cultural encounters. At the Port to Table, you will experience the culinary story of the region through live cooking demonstration, food and wine tasting as well as fine dining events.

Suite and Staterooms

Holland America Line offers refined amenities in their signature Mariner’s Dream beds. Most of their spacious cruise rooms are ocean-facing with most having teak-lined verandahs for dining and sunbathing in private. There is complimentary 24-hour in-room dining, nightly turndown service, safes for valuables, elemis aroma pure bath amenities, daily housekeeping, generous storage, deluxe bathrobes and lots of complimentary services.

Culinary Experience

Under the guidance of their Culinary Council of chefs, expect to find fine dining at the Pinnacle Grill, Canaletto, Tamarind and Rudi’s Sel de Mer dining rooms. You can also hone your culinary skills at Port-to-Table shows and workshops.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Founded in 1966, and currently one of the largest cruise ship lines in the world, is Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL).  Norwegian Cruise Line has 17 cruise ships for vacationers to choose from, and there are several more ships that are under development for this growing and thriving company.  Norwegian is known for their relaxed onboard atmosphere, and is typically a little more casual than some other cruise lines, as well as a little less “party-like”, as some, too.  If you are looking for a cruise line company to check out for your next cruise vacation, then Norwegian Cruise Line may be a great choice for you.

The Norwegian Cruise Line company is known for their innovative ideas.  For example, they were the very first cruise line company to offer low-fare airline tickets, in conjunction with a scheduled cruise.  Originally, this air-sea program was called Norwegian’s Cloud 9 Cruises.  In more recent times, Norwegian was the first cruise line company to include Cuba as a stop on some of their itineraries, beginning in May of 2017.  The ship called the Norwegian Sky was the first cruise ship to dock in Cuba.  It was also the last of the Norwegian cruise ships to leave Cuba, as a traveling ban to Cuba was enforced in the middle of 2019.

The largest ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet is the Norwegian Bliss.  It carries a maximum number of 4,905 passengers, and has plenty of onboard activities for people of all ages.  The Norwegian Bliss has been on the water since 2018 and was built with saving energy and protecting the environment in mind.  One of the unique features on the Norwegian Bliss is the 2-level race track, where guests can challenge themselves, or other racers, on the curvy, outdoor track.  There is also an outdoor laser tag area, pools, waterslides, arcade, fitness center, spa, lounge areas, and so much more.  For the younger set, there are many children’s programs and activities, too.  And the older guests can easily find secluded areas to enjoy, shopping, plentiful nightlife, cocktail lounges, and fine dining establishments, too.

For people who are onboard a Norwegian Cruise ship in the Bahamas area, then you might enjoy a day at Norwegian’s private island, called Great Stirrup Cay.  While on the island, you can enjoy basking in the warm sun, snorkeling and swimming, shopping, picnicking, hiking, and so much more.  It’s a one-of-a-kind island getaway that is a real treat for Norwegian Cruise Line guests.

In addition to travel itineraries in the Bahamas, Norwegian Cruises also have itineraries in Alaska, Bermuda, Europe, and Hawaii, too.  With so many travel opportunities, consumers are sure to find a ship and a destination that piques their interest, and stays within their travel budget, too.

Norwegian Cruise Line aims to provide cruise ship guests with a low-pressure, easy cruise experience.  There are plenty of opportunities for flexible dining, onshore excursions, entertainment options, and much, much more.  The company maintains a motto of “feel free” and “Just For Us”.  The goal is to let you rule your own time while on the ship, and on vacation, and not to feel that the vacation is running you.

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Royal Caribbean International

With so many cruise lines to choose from, consumers may have a difficult time figuring out the best cruise line to enjoy, for their next particular cruise vacation.  One cruise line that you may wish to consider is Royal Caribbean.  The Royal Caribbean International cruise line currently has 26 cruise ships, and has six more ships that are under development.  Their fleet of ships also includes the four biggest cruise ships in the world, according to the size of the ship and the number of passengers that can vacation on the ship.  The largest cruise ship is called the Symphony of the Seas, followed by; Harmony of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, and Oasis of the Seas.

Symphony of the Seas experienced its’ maiden voyage in April, 2018.  It left the port in Barcelona, Spain, and ventured out for a weeklong trip through the Mediterranean region.  Symphony of the Seas is capable of housing a maximum of 6,680 passengers, in addition to the necessary 2,200 crew members.  Guests can locate 24 swimming pools on ship, as well as 22 different restaurants that boasts many delicious and delectable menu items, an ice-skating rink, a full-sized basketball court, two challenging 43-foot rock climbing walls, splash pads and waterslides, arcades, laser tag, plentiful shops and boutiques, and so, so much more!  Located on the ship, guests can also enjoy multiple nightclubs and entertainment shows, spa treatments, fitness classes, and many other entertaining activities.  There is never a shortage of things to see and do while onboard the Symphony of the Seas.

In addition to this phenomenal largest cruise ship in the world, Royal Caribbean International has 25 other ships for you to choose from for your next cruise holiday.  The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line began in 1968 in Norway.  Currently, the home base of Royal Caribbean International is in Miami, Florida.  This cruise line is well-known for ships that have innovative activities onboard, as well as a high standard of engaging, personal, and attentive customer service.  Their ships are appropriate for guests of all age groups, and vacationers can find cruise itineraries that match their interests and their budget, too.  Note that if you are a traveler who is seeking a cruise experience that is more intimate, with fewer guests and not as much customer stimulation, then you may wish to check out one of Royal Caribbean’s smaller ships, or stick with a cruise line that caters to a smaller passenger count.  Some other ships will offer more relaxing, calmer activities for ship guests.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., which operates Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises, also boasts their own vacation island, which is one of the stops in many of the cruise ship itineraries.  The island is called CocoCay, originally known as Little Stirrup Cay, and is located approximately 55 miles north of Nassau, Bahamas.  While on the island, cruise ship guests can enjoy a days’ worth of activities, such as; swimming in the clear blue waters, snorkeling, parasailing, scuba diving, basking in the sun on the beautiful white-sand beach, and so much more!  With a multitude of adventurous possibilities at CocoCay, guests are certainly provided with a day of unforgettable activities and memories.

Royal Caribbean International is a powerhouse in the world of cruise ships and cruise line options.  They have an easily navigable online presence, so you can explore the wide range of cruise ships available, varying itineraries, onshore excursion trips, and onboard activities.  If you decide to explore a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship, your options are immense and quite pleasurable.

Celebrity Cruises

When you think of elegance, style, refinement, and luxury, one cruise line that comes to mind may be Celebrity Cruises.  Easily recognizable by the prominent “X” that is located on the funnel of Celebrity’s ships, Celebrity Cruises has a lot to offer to travelers who are interested in the finer things in life.  With multiple exotic destinations around the world on their itineraries, and 13 ships, currently, from which to choose a cruise package, your travel options are wide and varied, depending on your own personal style.

Celebrity Cruises has many itineraries that may interest you, including; New England, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, Alaska, Europe, Caribbean, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica.  They also have a sub-brand of cruises, called the Celebrity Expeditions, that specialize in smaller-sized ships that target the traveler who wishes to explore destinations in a quieter, calming atmosphere.  One of these small, boutique-style ships, called the Celebrity Xpedition, offers cruises to the Galapagos Islands.  While at the Galapagos Islands, vacationers can visit the places of Charles Darwin, and explore the natural terrain of the area.

Celebrity Cruises is the first cruise line company to have a woman as the President and CEO; her name is Lisa Lutoff-Perlo.  She has been at the head of the company since 2014.  The cruise line began in 1988 and was founded by the Chandris Group of Greece.  Originally, the cruise line offered trips to Bermuda, before expanding their market substantially.  Today, the parent company of Celebrity Cruises is Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., and they are headquartered in Miami, Florida.

Most of Celebrity Cruises’ fleet is registered in Malta, and one interesting thing that has surfaced from this distinction, is that Maltese law has granted the ships’ captains the ability to perform same-sex marriages, while they are located in international waters.  Therefore, Celebrity Cruises makes this offer to their guests, anytime the occasion arises for the vacationers.

The largest ship in the fleet from Celebrity Cruises is called the Celebrity Edge and holds a maximum of 3,273 passengers.  This beautiful ship offers many unique stateroom and suite options, including a 2-story villa that guests can enjoy, who are looking for a little extra room with some great extra amenities.  While onboard, guests can also enjoy interesting shopping destinations, a casino, relaxing pools, a spa, fine dining choices, and a unique “Magic Carpet” room, which slides up and down the side of the ship and serves a multitude of purposes.

Celebrity Cruises aims to be a distinct, upscale cruise line, with everything that they do and the things that they offer to consumers.  They have 13 ships, and more under development, that are classic in style, design, appearance, and function.  The company sets high standards for operation of their ships, attentive customer service and crew members, superior accommodations, remarkable culinary treats, and so much more!  They are considered a premium cruise line, and are a favorite choice for many thoughtful vacationers.  When you are looking for a cruise vacation that is memorable and well worth the money spent, then consider the award-winning Celebrity Cruises.

Princess Cruises

Currently operating under the simple, suggestive slogan of “come back new” is the highly-respectable cruise line called Princess Cruises.  If you are a person who is looking for a cruise vacation that can rejuvenate you, offer you plenty of things to do (without being over- stimulating or intrusive), or someone who wants a wide range of cruise itineraries and vacation destinations available, then Princess Cruises may just be the cruise line for you.  With this cruise line, consumers have 17 Princess ships to choose from and itineraries that include Alaska, Asia, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, the Panama Canal, and so much more!

Princess Cruises became a household name during the 1970’s and the 1980’s, with the popular family-focused television show called, “The Love Boat”.  Do you remember the days of Captain Stubing, Julie, Doc, Gopher, and Isaac?  The vessel that was used for the show was named the SS Pacific Princess, and cruise vacations were glamorized and made popular, by many regular viewers of the hit TV show.

Princess Cruises generally operates smaller ships than some of the megaships that you might think of, when you are thinking about a cruise vacation.  If you are looking for one of the megaship experiences, then you may wish to consider another cruise line.  The largest Princess ships fall into the Royal-class category.  There are a few ships in this distinction, including; the Royal Princess, Regal Princess, Majestic Princess, and the brand-new Sky Princess.  The largest of these ships can hold a maximum of 3,600 passengers, thus much smaller than the megaships, which can hold more than 6,000 passengers.  If you are in the market for a cruise ship experience that is a comfortable size, and with plenty to offer (but perhaps without all the bells and whistles that you might see in other cruise ship advertisements), then certainly Princess Cruises is a great choice for you.

Princess Cruises takes great pride in offering excellent individual attention to onboard passengers, as well as offering a dining experience that is unforgettable, divine, and unmistakably unique.  If you consider yourself a “foodie” or a culinary enthusiast, then you will be very pleased with the dining options onboard a Princess cruise ship.  Princess Cruises has an unparalleled reputation when it comes to dining treats and options, and guests can enjoy savory meals of all types, sizes, and designs, any time of the day.

For Princess cruise line travelers in the Bahamas region, one of your stops may include Princess’s private port of call, Princess Cays.  Located on the southern tip of the island named Eleuthera, Princess Cays is used exclusively for cruise ship guests.  This private location offers passengers the chance to disembark to an area that offers white-sand beaches, clear-blue waters, and plenty of interesting, engaging, and relaxing opportunities to spend your vacation day.

Princess Cruises is owned by the Carnival Corporation and is headquartered in Santa Clarita, California.  Interested consumers can find a wide-range of company details, ship comparisons, cruise itineraries and destinations, and many other interesting facts about Princess Cruises online or at your local bookstore.  If you are looking for a perfect cruise vacation, then Princess Cruises should definitely be considered.