Norwegian Cruise Line

Founded in 1966, and currently one of the largest cruise ship lines in the world, is Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL).  Norwegian Cruise Line has 17 cruise ships for vacationers to choose from, and there are several more ships that are under development for this growing and thriving company.  Norwegian is known for their relaxed onboard atmosphere, and is typically a little more casual than some other cruise lines, as well as a little less “party-like”, as some, too.  If you are looking for a cruise line company to check out for your next cruise vacation, then Norwegian Cruise Line may be a great choice for you.

The Norwegian Cruise Line company is known for their innovative ideas.  For example, they were the very first cruise line company to offer low-fare airline tickets, in conjunction with a scheduled cruise.  Originally, this air-sea program was called Norwegian’s Cloud 9 Cruises.  In more recent times, Norwegian was the first cruise line company to include Cuba as a stop on some of their itineraries, beginning in May of 2017.  The ship called the Norwegian Sky was the first cruise ship to dock in Cuba.  It was also the last of the Norwegian cruise ships to leave Cuba, as a traveling ban to Cuba was enforced in the middle of 2019.

The largest ship in the Norwegian Cruise Line’s fleet is the Norwegian Bliss.  It carries a maximum number of 4,905 passengers, and has plenty of onboard activities for people of all ages.  The Norwegian Bliss has been on the water since 2018 and was built with saving energy and protecting the environment in mind.  One of the unique features on the Norwegian Bliss is the 2-level race track, where guests can challenge themselves, or other racers, on the curvy, outdoor track.  There is also an outdoor laser tag area, pools, waterslides, arcade, fitness center, spa, lounge areas, and so much more.  For the younger set, there are many children’s programs and activities, too.  And the older guests can easily find secluded areas to enjoy, shopping, plentiful nightlife, cocktail lounges, and fine dining establishments, too.

For people who are onboard a Norwegian Cruise ship in the Bahamas area, then you might enjoy a day at Norwegian’s private island, called Great Stirrup Cay.  While on the island, you can enjoy basking in the warm sun, snorkeling and swimming, shopping, picnicking, hiking, and so much more.  It’s a one-of-a-kind island getaway that is a real treat for Norwegian Cruise Line guests.

In addition to travel itineraries in the Bahamas, Norwegian Cruises also have itineraries in Alaska, Bermuda, Europe, and Hawaii, too.  With so many travel opportunities, consumers are sure to find a ship and a destination that piques their interest, and stays within their travel budget, too.

Norwegian Cruise Line aims to provide cruise ship guests with a low-pressure, easy cruise experience.  There are plenty of opportunities for flexible dining, onshore excursions, entertainment options, and much, much more.  The company maintains a motto of “feel free” and “Just For Us”.  The goal is to let you rule your own time while on the ship, and on vacation, and not to feel that the vacation is running you.

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