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Cruise expert, Aaron Saunders, once stated that “Carnival (cruise line) is unique in that it does one thing, and does it well: it caters to cruisers of all ages, demographics, and walks of life.  It doesn’t try to be anything that it isn’t.  It doesn’t offer a two-tier accommodations system, where some guests are treated to excellent service while others aren’t.  Its’ ships are well-run, its’ crews are friendly and the entire experience provides great value for (the) money”.

Carnival Cruise Line, which began in 1972, is dubbed as “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line”.  With 26 ships currently, approximately 5 million people enjoy a cruise vacation onboard a Carnival cruise ship every year.  Carnival has home ports throughout the United States’ coastlines, and a huge variety of multi-day cruise itineraries for guests to enjoy, as well as cruise locations in other parts of the world, too.

The distinctive ships are easily recognized with the prominent red, white, and blue funnel that tops every ship.  The largest Carnival ship is set to make its’ debut later this year, in November, 2020.  It is going to be the first cruise ship that offers guests a ride on an at-sea roller coaster.  The roller coaster is going to be called The Bolt Ultimate Sea Coaster and is expected to reach maximum speeds of 40 miles per hour.  Talk about a whirlwind ride on top of an already tall cruise ship!

The Carnival Cruise Line has developed a reputation among consumers for being “the fun ship”.  If you are looking for a cruise vacation with plenty of opportunities for fun, around the clock, then a Carnival cruise may be the best option for you.  Carnival has many different itineraries to choose from, and with vacations lasting approximately 3-16 days, consumers can usually find a trip that suits their particular destination preference, their time constraints, and their own budget.  However, some guests may not enjoy the round-the-clock party atmosphere, and may decide to investigate some other cruise lines that are available, for their next vacation.

Guests on a Carnival ship in the Bahamas may spend a day at Half Moon Cay, which is a private island operated by the Carnival Corporation.  Also known as Little San Salvador Island, Half Moon Cay offers vacationers a beautiful beach, a relaxing island atmosphere, and plenty of beach-themed daily activities.

Carnival cruises have interesting activities for people of all ages.  For the little ones, there are plenty of child-focused play areas, organized programs, and interactive shows that are entertaining for young, growing minds.  Older guests will enjoy a plethora of other activities, such as; onboard sports facilities, water slides and swimming pools, movie theaters, shopping destinations, live performance shows, and plenty of dining options, both casual and fine dining.

If you are considering a cruise vacation in the near future, then you may want to check out some of the many options that the Carnival Cruise Line has to offer.  With many locations around the United States, and throughout the world, you are likely to find a ship and an itinerary that please you and piques your interest.

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